Saturday, January 07, 2006

Joining the Blogosphere

After undertaking the tedious, tiresome task of moving all my old LiveJournal entries over here, I'm finally at home on my new blog. Believe me, it was no simple cut-and-paste job. There was a lot of seriously screwed-up LJ frankenHTML to deal with. But presumably it's all legible and all links are working now. So far I've found the blog easy to customize and the only thing I miss is the cheesy little form where you plug in your music and mood. So I'll just tell you I'm cheerful and I'm listening to "Junior Senior-Hey Hey My My Yo Yo".

I went home to Tennessee to spend the holidays with my family and had a blast. Many thanks to Mom, Eddie, my aunt Carolyn and uncle Joe for the ticket. I miss everyone so much. I come from a very loving brood and I feel incredibly blessed. I just wish I could have stayed longer. It was great getting to spend some time with my nephew Heath, who is three. I am not a bit biased when I tell you he's the most adorable child on earth.

Can you believe it? After months of being laid off, living like a pauper, endless days of prowling every available print and online job listing and countless tedious interviews that went nowhere, I finally got a job. It's another automotive-related tech support position. No telling how stable it is with other divisions of the company in hyper-job-elimination mode. Also, the pay is piss poor and there's no benefits. But at this point it still feels like I won the freakin' lottery. At least now that I have a job I'll look more attractive to prospective employers as I continue looking for something better. This area has seen over 40,000 auto workers laid off the past few months and jobs are obviously scarce, but somehow it still looks suspect to an interviewer when you're not working. You pretty much have to have a job to get one.

Meanwhile, I have decided to bite the bullet and renew my nursing license. I'll figure out later what to do once it's active, but least I'll have that to fall back on in a crisis. There's still really nowhere in the country an RN can't find work. It's possible I can use my degree without returning to direct patient care. Case management, forensic nursing, and nursing education are some of the options. An ask-a-nurse hotline would be my dream job: making an RN's salary and using my medical knowledge from the comfy confines of a cubicle. No understaffing crises or body fluid horrors or code blue nightmares.