Friday, January 06, 2006

"He's a cold-hearted snake, look into his eyes"

Copied from my LJ-7/22/05
If I ever had doubts if before, I know now for sure that my boss Lamont is not my friend. He has used me more than once as an excuse to cover up either his own shortcomings or general department failings, which can all be attributed to him anyway.

Yesterday a coworker informed me that Lamont blamed a big job that got returned to us twice for corrections on my mistakes. In fact I had followed his directions to the letter. He wanted the books scanned with no editing at all. I asked him repeatedly if he was positive he didn't want me to mask edges, deskew, correct page position, etc. He insisted that it was a rush job and we didn't have time. But all the editing steps we skipped were the things we had to go back and do when the job got rejected.

A little while ago Durwood, Lamont's boss, came in to talk to me. He asked me if I knew how to operate the (commercial high capacity) printers in my department. I told him sure, I did. I have been running them daily for months. I pointed out the midday reports I just ran on one and the service manual I am printing on the other. Durwood said that, by way of explaining why he was behind on so many jobs, Lamont had told him that while I have mastered digitizing documents, I still don't know how to operate the printers and he hasn't had the chance to train me.

Lamont has dangled the promise of a raise and benefits like a carrot just beyond my nose for months but I am still working as a temp with no benefits for scandalously low pay. Tracy's position got posted on and I have been busting my ass to get the job. I carefully edited my resume to add the printing and scanning skills required for the job, hand-carried it to the HR director and pleaded my case with everyone in the building who has any input into the hiring decision. Lamont claimed he would do whatever he could to help me get hired. Now I find out he told his manager that I don't know even how to do the job! I am livid.

Lamont is a fucking snake. Today will be an exercise in self control as I bite my tongue and rein in my overwhelming urge to confront him.

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