Friday, January 06, 2006

"I'm so tired of this vacuum, need a man to help soon"

Copied from my LJ-7/30/05
What a week. Work has been an emotional rollercoaster. I really didn't want to be here Monday. Lamont endangered my chances of getting a permanent position last week with a lie he told to cover for his own laziness, and I stewed over it all weekend. After my initial fury subsided, I just felt stung and sad. It's true I had no illusions about his moral character, but I was I foolish enough to believe he was in my corner. Seeing how readily he sold me out made it clear that I have no allies at my job, and the prospect of getting the raise and benefits I need so badly seemed more distant than ever.

Next came the news that Tracy will return from his medical leave next Monday. I could only speculate how this would affect my job. Would they move me to nightshift as was once suggested? Let me go altogether? I certainly don't love it here but I sure can't afford to lose the meager income it affords me. So I had a couple of days to stress over that.

Yesterday Lamont told me that after Tracy works his shift on Monday, the powers that be will inform him of his termination and escort him from the building. He also said Tracy himself is aware this is going to happen. I automatically view anything he says with skepticism. The fact Tracy's position was already posted on seems to bear it out, but it remains to be seen. I feel kind of bad for Tracy, as he has a family to support. On the other hand, he has gotten away with an absurd amount of absenteeism for years. At least he got a nice long paid vacation as a going-away present. Wait, I don't feel sorry for him at all. He's at home laying on his ass and still making more money than me.

Yesterday we had my dog spayed. I was worried about her but she seemed to come through it just fine. She's still a bit sluggish and definitely in some pain. That's some incision she has, but then she is a big girl- over a hundred pounds.

This weekend it's time to meet the Fockers, which is how I describe any in-law encounter. Paul's parents are leaving their summer place in western Michigan and heading back to their home in Florida, and decided they'll stop by our place for lunch. They've never been to our house. Given the hovel Paul lived in before we met (and judging from his stories, the series of hovels before that) I know his mother is dying to see if we live like pigs. I had grand plans to whip the house into shape but as always, having elevated procrastination to an art form, I had put it all off until today. Then things came up and I didn't get any cleaning done at all.

Last night I got a call from Chad a.k.a Fido, my oldest friend in Michigan. His band had just played a show in Detroit and my place is on his way home. He wondered if he might stop by and pick up the CDs I borrowed from him, like, several years ago (sorry Chad) that I kept meaning to return but never got around to. (In my defense he lives an hour away and we could never find time to get together.) He ended up having major car trouble so he crashed at my house last night. We spent today getting his Jeep fixed and catching up, then I worked the evening shift tonight.

The Fockers are due to arrive at 11am. I sure hope I am conscious by then.

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