Monday, May 19, 2008

More sexual impropriety at HappyTech

Loyal readers of my blog (both of you) will remember my tale of Irv, my coworker who brought a lot of grief upon us all after saving a giant stash of porn on an office computer. Unfortunately the situation was handled all wrong and he was given the opportunity to delete the porn before anyone proved he was the guilty party. Afterwards other accounts of his sexually inappropriate behavior towards coworkers came to light. In the year since, Irv has continued to work at HappyTech and the boss has continued putting him in charge of things, despite his apparent unreliability. He frequently has come to work with alcohol on his breath or appearing hung over and strung out. He got wasted on a business trip and was unable to show up for one day of the function the company had sent him halfway across the country to run.

When you keep problem employees on, you can expect problems. We got big problems last weekend when Irv went to a big convention to represent us. Once again he got too wasted to attend the event he was there for. He did manage to attend a banquet the previous night though, where he availed himself of the free-flowing alcohol and made sexually inappropriate remarks to several of our customers' wives. Apparently he was going around introducing himself as the Nipple Police.

This time he's getting fired.

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