Friday, March 28, 2008

Dionne Farris - Signs of Life

If I were picking my top ten albums of the 90s, 1994's Wild Seed - Wild Flower by Dionne Farris would place high on that list. The solo debut for the former Arrested Development singer opens with "I Know," the massive hit single that spent seven months in the top ten. Then it's one great song after another right to the end, spanning pop, rock, soul, funk and folk. Fourteen years after it's release I still listen to this album all the time, and her tender acoustic version of "Blackbird" is still my all-time favorite Beatles cover. Farris had a had another hit a few years later with "Hopeless," which appeared on the Love Jones soundtrack. Then she did a bit of a disappearing act. I have been dying to hear what was coming next from this engaging artist, but as the years passed a follow-up album was looking less and less likely.

Dionne Farris was on my mind today after I read a review for Randy Jackson's Music Club. (I know, as if I'd ever buy that!) Turns out the American Idol judge played bass for Farris on Wild Seed - Wild Flower and here he is looking goofy as all hell in her Hopeless video. I hadn't googled her in a while and wondered what she was up to. First Wikipedia told me she's working on a new album and is currently under the expert management of Matthew Knowles, Beyoncé's Svengali/father. Yikes, hope that works out okay! Then I find her blog and whaddaya know, she just released an album!!! It's called Signs of Life.
I am beside myself with anticipation. I paid for it, then got an email saying I'd receive a download link when my payment was processed- in about four days! I used PayPal, for crying out loud, why do I have to wait that long?

Oh well. Meanwhile I'll listen to the new tracks steaming on her MySpace and enjoy the video for "Baggage," also new to me though it came out in December.

Listening to: Dionne Farris - Now or Later