Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Deep inside Bambi Woods

Bambi Woods is one of adult cinema's most enduring mysteries. A pert blonde with pretty girl-next-door looks, she starred in Debbie Does Dallas, the most successful x-rated film of all time. Afterwards she made three more movies then vanished from the public eye. Rumors ran rampant as to her fate. She died of a drug overdose. She was snuffed by the mafia who controlled the industry. She was killed while having sex with a horse for a film called Debbie Does Farmland. A recent documentary about Debbie Does Dallas focused on Bambi's disappearance and the filmmaker's thwarted attempts to locate her.

I am fascinated with all things related to seventies adult films and have read most everything in print about Bambi. So of course I was thrilled to hear that she is alive and well, married for over twenty years and raising her teenagers in blessed anonymity. She recently gave an interview to YesButNoButYes that debunked much of the documentary and just about every word of her Wikipedia entry:
Part One
Part Two

Now, please enjoy this totally safe for work G-rated clip reel from Debbie Does Dallas: