Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now we do the dance of joy

At HappyTech we support software for a major auto manufacturer; let's call them Schmysler. Our customer-facing identity is that we're another department of Schmysler and customers reach us through an extension on their help desk. Fortunately HappyTech is a separate entity that operates at a different location, where we don't have to deal with the rigid, uptight environment of a corporate behemoth's headquarters.

With our business in a slump, the boss has been investigating moving us to the Schmysler offices as a cost-saving measure. Which would suck hardcore. We'd have a tighter dress code. We'd be subject to lots of call monitoring, statistical goals and quality assurance bureaucracy. A couple of my coworkers are so spoiled by this den of slack we're in now that they wouldn't last two months at corporate. If they didn't quit they'd be fired once it became clear how little they actually do. Then all their work would be shifted onto good old reliable me.

Worst of all, web surfing would be severely restricted and all web traffic monitored. I couldn't even check my private email. I realize most people don't get the down time or the freedom to spend much of the day web surfing at work. But it's what I prize most about my job and the main reason I'm still here after a year of lousy pay and ridiculously inequitable work distribution. I'd be miserable at HQ and would have to devote all my spare time to finding another job.

The threat of the move has loomed for a couple of months. But the boss just announced the great news that HappyTech has re-upped the lease on our current office space for another three years. A pictorial of my reaction: