Monday, April 02, 2007

Sex World

This month's disc goes out to the ever-so-cool ChrissySissyStar, who was only too happy to hear this mix would be slightly smuttier than usual. Along with some recent favorites, it features porn soundtrack tunes, snippets of porn dialog and music with porn samples.

1. Man - Erotica
2. Alice Russell - Take Your Time, Change Your Mind
3. William S. Burroughs & The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Dr. Benway Operates
4. Ja'Net DuBois - Queen of the Highway
5. dialog from Orgasmatron 75
6. Sam Phillips - Faster Pussycat To The Library!
7. Chari Chari - Strictly Porn
8. Survival Soundz - Twilight
9. Tift McGinnis + 3 Wheels Out - live from the Clermont Lounge
10. The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health
11. Owusu & Hannibal - What's It About
12. Nick Faber - Same Girl, Different Wig
13. Vanity - Flippin' Out
14. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Gettin' High in the Morning
15. Pineapple (dialog from Maui Wowie)
16. Bilal - You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)
17. Diamanda Galás - Dead Cat on the Line
18. Inevidence - Cum Dancing
19. Jamie Lidell - Multiply (In a Minor Key)
20. Blossom Dearie - Just One of those Things (Brazilian Girls remix)
21. Berry Lipman - Sex World ft Toni McVey


Welsh psychedelic rock band Man had a European hit in 1969 with "Erotica" but failed to chart in the UK due to the prominently featured orgasmic female moaning. I first heard the song on The Mood Mosaic 12: Mondo Porno.

Alice Russell is a British singer with an immense talent for soul, blues and jazz vocals. "Take Your Time, Change Your Mind" appears on Under the Munka Moon II.

William S. Burroughs was an American Beat Generation novelist. "Dr. Benway Operates" is excerpted from his seminal 1959 novel Naked Lunch. His performance, backed by San Francisco alt hip hop group The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, is from the album Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales.

Best known for playing Willona on the sitcom Good Times, Ja'Net DuBois also sang and cowrote the "Movin' On Up" theme for The Jeffersons. "Queen of the Highway" appears on the compilation The Kings of Diggin' mixed by Kon & Amir and DJ Muro.

Dialog from Orgasmatron 75 appeared on the compilation Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema.

Singer-songwriter Sam Phillips is known for her idiosyncratic voice, Beatlesque songwriting, and fruitful collaborations with Van Dyke Parks, Elvis Costello and her husband, producer T-Bone Burnett. "Faster Pussycat To The Library!" is from her 1996 release Omnipop (It's Only a Fleshwound Lambcop).

Chari Chari aka Kaoru Inoue is a Japanese DJ and producer of minimal techno. This track is a mashup of burlesque tunes guaranteed to make you bump and grind. "Strictly Porn" appeared on the 1999 compilation Suck It & See.

NYC band Survival Soundz fused soul, jazz and underground hip hop with an Afrocentric aesthetic. "Twilight" appeared on the 1997 compilation Mutant Beatz:
Abstrakt Hip-Hop, Future Funk & Science Fiction Soul.

I couldn't find any info about "Tift McGinnis + 3 Wheels Out - live from the Clermont Lounge" but I'd love to know more. This excellent spoken word piece about the intrigue and danger of sex work also appeared on Suck It & See.

The Knife are a Swedish brother and sister duo whose indie electronic music is heavily informed by synth pop and electro. "
We Share Our Mother's Health" is from their acclaimed 2006 release Silent Shout.

Danish duo Owusu & Hannibal make electronic music inspired by classic funk and soul music.
"What's It About" appears on their 2006 debut Living with Owusu & Hannibal.

Nick Faber is a DJ/producer and sought-after remixer. "Same Girl, Different Wig" appeared on Suck it & See.

Denise Matthews was a nude model and B-movie actress who was re-christened Vanity by Prince and made the lead singer of his side project, Vanity 6. "Flippin' Out" displays the full range of her vocal talents from A to B. It appeared on her first post-Prince album, Wild Animal.

Ariel Rosenberg is the visual artist and musician who records under the name Ariel Pink. He produces lo-fi, off-kilter rock that still manages to be catchy and melodic. "Gettin' High in the Morning" can be heard on his 2002 release House Arrest.

Dialog from Maui Wowie came from Deep Note: Music of 1970's Adult Cinema.

Philadelphia singer-songwriter Bilal's neosoul compositions are informed by his jazz background. He has worked with Jill Scott, Erykah Badu and D'Angelo. "You're All I Need (Feels Like Heaven)" is from his unreleased 2006 album Love for Sale.

Diamanda Galás is a performance artist, singer, keyboardist and composer. Possessed of a four octave range, her distinctive vocal style is informed by opera, blues and avant-garde performance art. "Dead Cat on the Line" is from her 2003 live album La Serpenta Canta.

"Cum Dancing" by ambient electronic group Inevidence is a dance track notable for its amusing porn samples and memorable dialog by Cheech Marin as a brothel carnival barker in From Dusk Til Dawn. Also from Suck it & See.

British artist Jamie Lidell, once half of experimental electronic group Super_Collider, marked his debut as a soul singer-songwriter on his 2005 album Multiply. "Multiply (In a Minor Key)" appeared on his 2006 remix album Multiply Additions.

Blossom Dearie is a jazz singer, songwriter and pianist since the 1950's who still appears regularly at a NYC cabaret. "Just One of those Things (Brazilian Girls remix)" can be found on Verve Remixed, Vol. 3.

Producer Berry Lipman's "Sex World" inspired this mix. A parody of Westworld, Sex World was a resort where guests went to live out their secret fantasies. The theme song, with singer Toni McVey belting like Shirley Bassey on mushrooms, manages to be hilariously cheesy and oddly funky at once. You can hear the song on Star Maidens: The Girls from Space.