Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Latest gadgetry I'm geeked for

Ford partnered with Microsoft to develop Sync, a system that lets you control your MP3 player and cell phone in your car with voice commands. Vehicles outfitted with Sync have an integrated dock and charger for your MP3 player and allow you to play your MP3s by speaking the name of the song or artist or even the genre of music. It will also play music from a thumb drive. The system works with your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, giving you the hands-free speakerphone capability of OnStar without the overpriced airtime. It even reads your text messages for you, if you're into that. You can see it in action here and here.

Sync is available on select 2008 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. With any luck this technology will be offered by other vehicle makers by the time my car lease is up.

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