Friday, September 07, 2007

One gay marriage I'll never approve of

My first tech support job was at a typical nineties dot com. Those were heady times. We had free beer on Fridays, a lounge with arcade games and pool tables, all the usual excesses. Headquartered in the Bay Area, the ultra-progressive company had a female CEO and the highest concentration of gay men I had ever seen outside a bar. It was a working environment unlike any other I had experienced.

My friendliest (and gayest) coworker was Aaron, an aspiring artist. Aaron was tall, model-handsome, charismatic and universally loved. He even won employee of the year, for which he was presented a tiara. He and I were often the only people working the late shift and he'd regale me with tales of his wild party weekends in Saugatuck doing ecstasy and getting gangbanged at the infamous Farm Party. Like several gay men I've known, he was obsessed with Madonna. He wallpapered his cubicle with his drawings of her and passed the slow hours making remixes in Acid Music, including one memorable Madonna/Lynard Skynard mashup.

Then came the dot com bust and 9/11. Most of us were laid off and I lost touch with him. I hadn't thought of him in years, so imagine my shock when I was scanning the news sites and discovered Aaron just gay-married a bonafide celebrity: Andrew Sullivan. For the uninitiated, Sullivan is the conservative gay author and political blogger who notoriously blamed gay men for causing the AIDS pandemic through promiscuity. He was later exposed for trolling gay hookup sites for bareback sex- extra scandalous since he is HIV positive. He is so reviled in some quarters there are even blogs devoted to criticizing him.

The Aaron I knew was a liberal guy so there was more than a little cognitive dissonance when I learned he is paired up with that hypocritical sellout twat. I always thought he stood a fair chance of making a name for himself with his art or remixing. But now it seems more likely he'll go down in history as the guy who immortalized Sullivan's ass in acrylics.

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