Friday, November 03, 2006

Prince's Vegas Revue

Next week, Prince will move into the space formerly known as Club Rio at the Las Vegas Rio Hotel & Casino and re-christen it 3121. He'll be performing there every Friday and Saturday at 10 p.m. He's also opening a restaurant called 3121 Jazz Cuisine. Apparently the Rio partnership was a bit of a rush job- the producer of "Erocktica," the venue's topless revue, was given two days to clear out. Some may balk at the princely sums commanded at the door, particularly club regulars. Club Rio will continue their ongoing "Latin Libido Night" on Thursdays but raise the cover from $20 to $31.21. Tickets to Prince's shows will be $125. Not sure how this compares to other Vegas headliners.

Prince is no stranger to performing in Vegas; his 2003 concert movie was filmed there. But envisioning him as a regular fixture amongst the bingo grannies, sweaty magicians and cheesetastic lounge acts is giving me some cognitive dissonance. Sure, the man who wore the assless pants and outraged the PMRC is gone, replaced by an ostensibly godlier version. But his recent habit of hanging out at a gentlemen's club and harassing the dancers suggests he is still crazy in the coconut. So maybe it's a perfect fit. Many a lovable eccentric has found a home amid the garish neon and money-eating machines.

I won't be rushing out to Vegas anytime soon to catch a show. But I'll be waiting patiently for his Rio co-tenants Penn & Teller to pull one of their infamous practical jokes on him.